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Having a video baby monitor is not a necessity, but they can be reassuring to those parents who would feel anxious without one.

When it comes to deciding which baby monitor to buy then there is an overwhelming number of options, brands and models, covering all sorts of functions you never knew you needed (and quite often don’t) – choosing the right one can be perplexing.

Once you have bought one, then you may find yourself wondering where the best placement position is in your baby’s nursery.

We originally had one good spot for placement, and this was on top of a chest of drawers that was across the room from where the cot is. This gave a brilliant view of the whole nursery, but not the best detailed view of our baby in their cot. We also felt it might be too far away to hear the baby well, or for the baby to hear us properly through the talk-back feature.

We tried resting the video monitor on the rocking chair arm, but it didn’t give us the height needed to see into the cot clearly. Instead the camera was all the more happy to show us a crisp image of the wooden bars of the cot, and a rather distorted image of the baby behind.

Our next option involved resorting to some DIY and putting up a shelf on the wall close to the cot. The new shelf was made cosy by the addition of some new photo frames and cute teddies, but we still felt like we’re not getting the best cot view; the wood edge of the shelf bounced a lot of light and it obstructed the view. This was made worse in the night vision mode.

So no options were working for us.

That’s when the Flexi Holder idea was born; a universal, flexible shelf that would offer the best view of the cot, without having to put lots of screws in the wall. Click here for more information on the Flexi Holder

It can be clamped onto a chair, a window ledge/sill, a cupboard door or even the cot (providing there are no loose cables within baby’s reach, and it is positioned correctly as per the safety manual).

The monitor holder is universal and works with many of today’s video baby monitors.

How have you set up your video monitor? We love to see your nursery images showing the Flexi Holder at its best! Please get in touch!