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  •  FROM THE MAKERS OF THE AWARD WINNING FLEXI HOLDER – The Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder – MADE FROM PLASTIC. Sold by a UK company; buy with confidence. Can use with most baby cameras on the market, such as Motorola baby monitor, Samsung baby monitor, Summer Infant baby monitor, and many more.
  • * NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED – therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble. Allow the camera to be gripped by the jaws of the holder (rotate as required). Secure the camera and loose cables with velcro straps provided.
  • * FIT IS PORTABLE FOR OVERNIGHT TRIPS – so you can take it away on holiday or an overnight stay at a friend’s or family’s house. Simply bend the hose as compactly as possible, and pack with your luggage. Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder can grip cameras with a base up to 70mm diameter, and can hold onto furniture up to 70mm in width. The holder itself is approx 850mm in length, and able to reach far if clamped further away from the cot. |The holder’s rubber pads will not damage any furniture.
  • * GET THE BEST VIEW FROM YOUR BABY MONITOR – The Flexi Twist baby camera mount can be flexibly positioned to give a better view. It’s a ‘must have’ for any newborn’s nursery. (Camera not included with purchase). Currently available in gender neutral white only.
  • * A STRONG CLAMP TO GRIP FURNITURE – the baby camera shelf has a strong clamp at the end of the flexible hose, and this securely clamps to most surfaces in the nursery (by twisting to secure). It is easy to attach the Flexi Twist (baby monitor holder) to furniture such as window ledge, arm of a chair, cupboard door, a wall shelf etc. The baby monitor clip can also be attached to the cot. To adjust the view on the monitor, simply bend the flexible hose or rotate the jaws where the camera is held.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 85 cm

Black, White


Anglecare, BT, Cacagoo, Hubble, Luvion, Motorola, Nanit, Owlet, Vtech


2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 6800, AC1100, AC1300, Comfort 85 Connect, MBP41S, MBP43, MPB855 Connect, Nanit, Nursery View Glow, Owlet, Peekaboo, Prestige Touch 2 camera, RM5754HD, RM5764HD, RM7764HD, Smart Video Baby Monitor, VM2251, VM320, VM3254, VM5463

50 reviews for Flexi Twist

  1. Tasha Louise

    Love this as it can be a pain on were to put the monitor.i have a BT one and this fits just st had to adjust it in a certain angle but has done the job for over a year in her own room, brilliant device would definitely recommend

  2. Colette

    Trying to balance my baby monitor on various objects was a nightmare. I could never get a good enough view of my baby in his cot. This holder has changed everything. It easily attaches to the cot and remains steady all night long. I couldn’t be without it.

  3. Donna

    This is so easy to use and fits the camera of our BT6000 baby monitor.

  4. janice p.

    Easy to use

  5. karen

    Use it with my angelcare monitor it’s fab

  6. shannon

    Easy to clip camera onto stand. Quick and easy to set up

  7. Libby

    Works really well. Makes it very easy to use with our camera to keep an eye on the little one

  8. K M

    Great piece of kit, I had it originally attached to a next to me bed and it was great and now bubba has moved into his cot bed it’s now attached to his crib, it was so easy to install, clear simple instructions, folds away when we took it with us away, comes with Velcro straps so you can keep the wire tucked away, fab product!!

  9. Sausagedog

    Very easy to use and to fix, fantastic storage space solution

  10. maria

    We use it with vtech monitor and it works great.

  11. Helen Marks

    What a great idea! Can’t believe how simple and easy this is. The universal clip is great – as you can see we have it clipped to the bed frame but you could fit it to a cot side, drawer, anywhere you like. The holder itself is very adjustable and the bit that holds the camera also turns. Makes it very easy to keep the cable out of reach of little hands. Love it

  12. Carly

    Absolutely love this. Handy to use can clip and tighten anywhere. Handy to move it if needed

  13. Mr. A. Jethwa

    Great product and even better customer service. One of the clamps broke over after a year of using it. I got in contact with the flexi team who have been so great and sent a replacement without any questions. Amazing customer service and amazing product.

  14. Lisa

    Does what it says, holds the camera securely and really easy to maneuver!

  15. Bob & Pop

    Soooo helpful for positioning baby camera! Gone are the days of balancing on the end of a shelf or wedging books underneath to tilt it! Also easy to take the camera off – helpful as we move the camera to another room some times

  16. Sandra

    Perfect attaches to next to me crib and I can see baby perfectly now!

  17. David

    Have a boy that likes to attack the camara . However this has made it harder for him to reach . Life saver

  18. SJ

    This is very easy to set up and works well. Somewhere to hide the monitor wire would be useful to stop the little one from pulling at it. Otherwise, a very good product. Well done Flexi Twist – Universal Baby Monitor Holder.

  19. Y&J

    Arrived in the timeframe expected, had no issues with it really easy to use and steady!

  20. laura crouch

    Does exactly what it says, and holds the baby monitor perfectly. Would definitely recommend

  21. josh decort

    A must have when buying any monitor

  22. Jake

    Everything was brilliant

  23. Ian G Randall

    Very happy with my purchase of this good quality product.

  24. Catherine

    This works well with my Motorola baby monitor. I’ve attached it to the headboard of my daughters bed and it’s brilliant. Small wobble of the camera when she moves but that’s to be expected

  25. Leigha Wilkinson

    This is a great gadget to hold the baby monitor (BT 6000) I use it for my little ones cot so I can get a good angle but also take it to families houses when she stays over so they can attach the camera to the travel cot. A great product and would definitely recommend.

  26. Fiona

    The flexi twist is perfect for holding our VTECH VM5463 securely away from baby now he can stand and without having to make holes in our walls. It grips the monitor really well but we have used the included Velcro straps for extra security. Velcro straps are also included to keep the monitor wire secure to the flexi so no loose wires around.

  27. Dee

    Good holder for baby cam very flexible but sturdy at the same time would thoroughly recommend.

  28. kelly

    Perfect for the bed side crib! And so easy to move if baby is sleeping on the bed.

  29. Nicola

    Fab holder, robust and secure on Chicco bedside crib to hold a BT monitor.

  30. Kyla

    Used it for my baby’s cot. Very easy to use

  31. Yvonne Brady

    So handy

  32. Selina White

    good product but the part that holds the camera is extremly small so be careful

  33. MissIrish25

    Brilliant product. I use it every day on the downstairs crib (as soon in photo) and also on her next to me upstairs when baby is put down to bed at night. Only takes a few seconds to set up so it is very mobile. The clip is strong and I do not even use straps to keep camera in place. When baby kicks in bed the camera always stays in place. It is very easy to adjust angle to see baby fully. Saves screwing anything to the walls or having to buy multiple cameras. 10/10 would recommend. Ps, lead can be wrapped around stand to look nice and tidy but as I move mine daily I do not do this. However once baby is sleeping in her own room for both night time and naps I will adjust lead for a clean finish!

  34. Sophie Woolfenden

    Really impressed with these products, and, more specifically, the customer service! We first started using the Flexi Twist which was great, but unfortunately after a couple of months use it developed a crack (which I believe was probably due to us being too heavy-handed with it rather than the product itself being faulty). We contacted The Flexi Team and received impeccable customer service, with them offering to send out a free replacement Flexi Twist along with a discounted Flexi Air 360, which is now more suited to our needs now our baby is in her big cot and a bit more mobile. (The photos show the Flexi Air 360, not the Flexi Twist).

    This is the kind of customer service every business should provide. It really makes a difference.

    The products themselves are also fantastic and have made being able to see our baby clearly and properly so much easier. I’m not quite sure what we would have done without them!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these products to anyone on the hunt for a baby monitor holder/mount.

  35. HelenS

    One of the best baby items we bought. We had been propping camera on pillows when baby was in our room alone but this was fantastic. Originally had it clipped to next to me but would shake when baby kicked around…. Moved to bedside locker and it’s fantastic. Gives a bird eye view into crib. Highly recommend

  36. patricia wood

    Great product and easy to install. Higly recommended.

  37. Christina

    Easy to use little gadget to hold a baby monitor, well made and affordable.

    I was able to fiddle with the velcro provided and it works with my Vtech 7764 baby monitor so it has full range of motion. How I’ve set it up wasn’t advised by the manufacturer, but it is sturdy and isn’t at risk of falling, I’ve sent positive feedback about this direct to them as I was quietly surprised it worked.

    The Flexi pole is sturdy and stays in place, would 100% recommend.

    Was happy to pay the extra via amazon to get the nursery ready in time, the customer service was also spot on, lovely little company.

  38. Leighanne

    I have a VTech VM3254 monitor at the foot of my baby’s cot bed and anyone who has the same camera knows that it doesn’t zoom out far enough so this is brilliant I can now see the whole bed instead of half and my son can’t mess with the camera itself (unplug it or knock it off) would recommend

  39. Cara

    Great , glad I ordered

  40. Kirsty Fry

    Does what it says on the tin. Fixes well, is very sturdy, holds camera in place. No complaints, happy customer!

  41. Lucylu 86

    Perfect holder, easy to use and install. Great buy.

  42. J Sp

    I found this to be very quick to install, easy to adjust & light enough to attach in very awkward places. Fits BT 6000 monitor securely. Wires are neatly & safely held out of reach. I now have 2 of these. Excellent product.

  43. MeghanB

    Really sturdy and works perfectly. Will be good for when we go on holiday too as you never know what you’ll have to prop the camera on.

  44. Annie

    I was struggling to find a stand suitable for my Angelare camera due to the square base, as many are designed for round based units, but this one works perfectly. It’s sturdy when properly attached to my draws and the bendy part of the stand is quite stiff so doesn’t move with the weight of the camera. Super easy to set up – took all of 5 minutes! The Velcro straps are a nice touch for extra safety and to ensure the cables are kept neat and away from the crib. Would certainly reccomend!

  45. Natminster

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It’s plenty long enough to be able to use in a variety of places. It’s bendy but also quite hard to bend so you know it’s not going to lose its shape and fall. I have attached it to our snuzpod and it’s fine there and also had it on a shelf.

    I am using it with the Vtech VM3254 and it holds it securely, haven’t even needed the Velcro fasteners. Highly recommmend!

  46. Cheree Thomson

    Great buy!

  47. Louise Prescott

    Great product very sturdy

  48. Amir

    My Motorola Lux64 baby monitor came with no way to attach to crib, instead the camera was meant to be screwed into the wall. This universal Mount allows you to clamp onto side of crib and hold baby monitor camera safely.

  49. Carly

    We needed to move the monitor higher up after our daughter moved into a new bed and didn’t want to drill holes in the wall. The Flexi Twist has been so easy to use and is really simple to install – we attached it to the foot of the bed. No more balancing the camera on a pile of books! Definitely recommended.

  50. Ember

    Good bit of kit, much easier than propping the camera up and nit getting the best views.

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Model 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 6800, AC1100, AC1300, Comfort 85 Connect, MBP41S, MBP43, MPB855 Connect, Nanit, Nursery View Glow, Owlet, Peekaboo, Prestige Touch 2 camera, RM5754HD, RM5764HD, RM7764HD, Smart Video Baby Monitor, VM2251, VM320, VM3254, VM5463