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  •  FROM THE MAKERS OF THE AWARD WINNING FLEXI HOLDER – The Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder – MADE FROM PLASTIC. Sold by a UK company; buy with confidence. Can use with most baby cameras on the market, such as Motorola baby monitor, Samsung baby monitor, Summer Infant baby monitor, and many more.
  • * NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED – therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble. Allow the camera to be gripped by the jaws of the holder (rotate as required). Secure the camera and loose cables with velcro straps provided.
  • * FIT IS PORTABLE FOR OVERNIGHT TRIPS – so you can take it away on holiday or an overnight stay at a friend’s or family’s house. Simply bend the hose as compactly as possible, and pack with your luggage. Flexi Twist Baby Monitor Holder can grip cameras with a base up to 70mm diameter, and can hold onto furniture up to 70mm in width. The holder itself is approx 850mm in length, and able to reach far if clamped further away from the cot. |The holder’s rubber pads will not damage any furniture.
  • * GET THE BEST VIEW FROM YOUR BABY MONITOR – The Flexi Twist baby camera mount can be flexibly positioned to give a better view. It’s a ‘must have’ for any newborn’s nursery. (Camera not included with purchase). Currently available in gender neutral white only.
  • * A STRONG CLAMP TO GRIP FURNITURE – the baby camera shelf has a strong clamp at the end of the flexible hose, and this securely clamps to most surfaces in the nursery (by twisting to secure). It is easy to attach the Flexi Twist (baby monitor holder) to furniture such as window ledge, arm of a chair, cupboard door, a wall shelf etc. The baby monitor clip can also be attached to the cot. To adjust the view on the monitor, simply bend the flexible hose or rotate the jaws where the camera is held.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 85 cm


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