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Our Story

When our son was born at the beginning of the year, we installed a video monitor into the nursery so that we could watch over him sleeping.

We quickly became frustrated at not being able to see him properly. No matter what we tried, or where we placed the video monitor in the room, we could not find a good angle that enabled us to see him completely.

There was nothing at that time on the market and so we made do, but it got us thinking about the need to create something that would work!

We set about working on and creating the original Flexi Holder. Within a few months of working on designs and concepts, the Flexi Holder was ready; an innovative device that could be positioned to provide a better viewing angle of our baby.

We use it everyday to watch safely and completely over our son and are delighted with the results.

We hope that you think so too.

With Love,

Baby ST, KT, Mummy & Daddy