freestanding Flexi Air 360 baby monitor holder
freestanding Flexi Air 360 baby monitor holder
Flexi Air 360
Flexi Air 360
Flexi Air 360
Flexi Air 360
Flexi Air 360
Flexi Air 360

Flexi Air 360

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TALL AND FREESTANDING – No clamping to furniture in the nursery, therefore no damage to expensive furniture. Simply assemble and place it close to the baby’s cot (but away from their reach). The high view will ensure a full view of the cot. NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED – therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble, with velcro straps and a bolt provided to ensure a secure hold of the baby monitor to the shelf. Shelf: Stylish shelf which is wide enough any video monitor, and has a lip on the front for support Bolt for shelf: safely secure the video monitor to the shelf using bolt provided (to avoid the camera tilting off the Flexi shelf) Colours: Currently the Flexi Holder is available in white, with more colours available from 2021. (Camera not included with purchase)

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10 reviews for Flexi Air 360

  1. Moonbeam2007

    Perfect just what we needed. We had one that attached it the cots but now my twins are one and always pulling at it we had to rethink. This stand is excellent, keeps it well away from the monkeys yet still giving us the best vision to see them both. Now we don’t need two just this stand and we can see them both. It’s very supportive and no risk of it falling over. So easy to set up took two mins, I would highly recommend this to every parent it’s a godsend.

  2. Jo-jo

    really please with this product well worth the money, can perfectly see my little one sleeping. the seller was amazing really helpful and qwick at replying, would definitely recommend.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is an extremely sturdy stand for my baby monitor. It has 4 detachable poles so you can alter the height of the stand which is perfect! The top pole is flexible so you can bend to suit.
    This is my third purchase as I have bought one for my parent’s house and one for my sister!
    Would definitely recommend!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what we were looking for, we love it. It means we can get the perfect angle for our monitor and it’s easy to move around if needed.

  5. iphoneman

    Well built but honestly, if you’re supplying tools dont bother unless they can do the job. The small tool supplied to tighten the nut was so flimsy it bent as soon as it met resistance. Lost a star there but in all its going to do the job well.
    One thing you should consider is how you will bolt it to the floor or wall or make sure the little one has no access to it and pulls it over! Once they can stand this will be toppled unless you secure it or have it well oit of the way!!

  6. CE

    Expensive product but worth it as you get a birds eye view of the cot. Great for giving you peace of mind that your baby’s ok. Sturdy but a little fiddly to assemble.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with this unit. Searched high and low for something that fit our BT monitor and looked nice too!
    Would recommend

  8. AC

    This product is amazing, my baby can’t reach it so it’s completely safe. It’s discreet looking and gives the perfect view into his cot even when he wriggles down to the bottom. Wish I bought it earlier! Also with the added bonus of not being attached to anything so if you are restricted on where a camera can go this is ideal.

  9. Sarah J

    Just purchased the flexi 360 baby monitor holder for my little boys nursery and am very pleased with it. We have an angelcare ac1100 and a lot of baby monitor holders that we looked at did not seem to be compatible with this type/brand and the camera monitor itself was useless at seeing into the cot and getting a good view of my baby. We spent ages trying to position it at weird angles trying to get a view and then two mins later baby would roll over and we would have to reposition it again. However, the flexi 360 was so easy to put together and holds the baby monitor securely and I have a perfect view of my baby. If he moves or wriggles a bit in his sleep and I need to adjust the camera it takes two seconds with the flexi 360 and again is so easy. I did think the flexi 360 was a bit pricey compared to other monitor holders but I think it is well worth it as it does the job fantastically and I am so much more relaxed in the evenings being able to see him really well. It was also one of the only monitor holders that I saw that was positioned outside the cot and I really like this. My baby is just starting to stand in his cot and I think he would definitely try to pull at the monitor if it was attached to the cot bars so he cannot reach it with it being outside the cot. I think this is a great safety feature and again makes the flexi 360 an excellent choice of baby monitor holder. I would definitely recommend and am very pleased with my purchase.

  10. Mr D

    We are really pleased with our purchase of the Flexi Air 360 (Round Base). This is a high quality product that is very easy to install and is made from high quality materials. It also looks very elegant beside our white cot and not out of place at all. We are also really pleased with the extra bits that are included, like the bolt to tie certain camera’s down and the straps to keep wires nice and tidy etc. It’s the little touches like this that really make this a top quality product. I also spoke with the owner / inventor of the Flexi with regards to my Order who is very passionate about his products which was refreshing to hear, especially in this day and age when margin generally outweighs. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

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