freestanding Flexi Air 3 baby monitor holder
freestanding Flexi Air 3 baby monitor holder
Flexi Air 3
Flexi Air 3

Flexi Air 3

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TALL AND FREESTANDING – No clamping to furniture in the nursery, therefore no damage to expensive furniture. Simply assemble and place it close to the baby’s cot (but away from their reach). The high view will ensure a full view of the cot. NO DRILLING IN WALLS REQUIRED – therefore no mess or DIY involved. Easy to use and assemble, with velcro straps and a bolt provided to ensure a secure hold of the baby monitor to the shelf. Shelf: Stylish shelf which is wide enough any video monitor, and has a lip on the front for support Bolt for shelf: safely secure the video monitor to the shelf using bolt provided (to avoid the camera tilting off the Flexi shelf) Colours: Currently the Flexi Holder is available in white and black, with more colours available from 2020. (Camera not included with purchase)

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Weight 1.5 g
Dimensions 40 × 150 cm


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