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Safety Information

Please clamp the holder to furniture that is upto 20mm in depth to avoid clamp opening too wide and breaking.

Make sure the Flexi Holder is placed away from your baby, and out of reach. It is also advisable to keep all wires from the baby monitor out of the baby’s reach too.

The Flexi Holder is relatively lightweight. However, always make sure it’s securely clamped to a flat surface and nothing is below the product. Always test out before leaving alone with baby. Never have the Flexi Holder leaning into the cot, as this could result in both the baby monitor and the Flexi Holder falling into the cot.

Always bend the Flexi Holder by holding onto the hose to flex into position, and NOT by holding the shelf to angle. This will prevent the shelf from breaking off.

The Flexi Holder is only advisable to clamp onto the cot until the time when the baby is able to sit up and able to reach for things. After this age, it is recommended that the holder be clamped away from the cot and out of baby’s reach.

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An innovative device that will hold almost all baby cameras to show your baby in their cot from any angle.