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Flexi Holder

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Shelf: Stylish shelf which is wide enough any video monitor, and has a lip on the front for support Velcro: Velcro used to safely secure video monitor to the shelf (to avoid the camera tilting off the Flexi shelf) Flexible Hose: Perfectly designed flexible hose makes the flexi holder a versatile product with the best viewing angles. Clamp: A strong clamp can hold and grip furniture up to 20mm in thickness. Rubber Hose On Clamp: This helps to protect the surface you are clamping to. Portable: The Flexi Holder is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel situations. Colours: Currently the Flexi Holder is available in white and black, with more colours available from 2019.

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Dimensions 10 × 11 cm

Black, White

53 reviews for Flexi Holder

  1. Louise Shiels

    Great product. Perfect for use with our angelcare monitor. Bought a second one for my sister who is expecting and due in March. Would recommend

  2. Laura

    A great product that my Motorola M669 monitor sits onto really well and which can also be secured into position by a screw (included with the product).

    The stand allows us to position the monitor at an angle where we can keep a clear eye on baby during naps, and once in her own room, throughout the night.

    The stand is easy to use and very sturdy.

    The customer service has been over and above what I’d expect and the Flexi team have helped me with an issue which was my own doing – they even responded to my email on a Sunday!! I’m genuinely so grateful and impressed.

  3. AC

    Great product!! We have a snooze pod and it clamps onto various parts of it like a dream. You can manoeuvre the arm to get the perfect angle then have peace of mind that the camera won’t fall off.
    Love it. Great packaging too

  4. Nigel Hinds

    The product was ready to use straight out of the packaging, which is great. The instructions are easy to follow, as was it’s installation. Highly recommended product.

  5. Susan G

    So useful and easy to set up. It’s perfect!

  6. Melody Hourahine

    This is great! Just what we needed! – fast delivery – quality product – durable – clamp fits most surfaces, we need it to fit my bedside table and cot, it does very firmly – our hellobaby monitor is secure, it’s great it has a couple of ways to secure…

  7. Alex

    Would highly recommend to clip onto snuzpod!

  8. Anon

    Excellent service from the company and the product is robust using good quality materials. Very happy customer.

  9. Helen Caudy

    Great product, feels robust and instructions ensure it’s safe to use. Can be a little tricky to workout what to attach it too if you don’t want it on the cot edge.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic product I was at a loss of how I would position the baby monitor camera so I could be at ease going downstairs and having peace of mind I could see and hear them!! Fits onto lots of surfaces, I attached mine to my bed frame – see image 😊

  11. Morgan

    Great product gives. A brilliant view of our baby now we have lowered her cot. Fast delivery. When very much needed.

  12. Roxtay

    i brought this product on recommendation from a friend who really rated it. The purchase arrived the next day and it literally took minutes to put together and clip to the snuz pod and as it’s universal it will go on the cot later on.It’s brillant,…

  13. Kate

    Great product. Couldn’t have got a good angle with my baby monitor without this clever piece of kit. Highly recommended!

  14. Consuelo Remmert

    Excellent product, definitely a game changer – it allows us to move the baby monitor around the house very easily and safely. And great service by the vendor! Highly recommended.

  15. Susan Jackson

    Very helpful product – would recommend!

  16. Vasileios Keramydas

    We bought this for our baby monitor and it works flawlessly. Our Scandinavian bed and our Snoozepod cot do not offer many holding places but with this holder there is no issue whatsoever, even at odd angles. I definitely recommend it for any baby monitor.

  17. Dan

    Very very good and great service

  18. Beth Harris

    I was struggling to find somewhere to put my camera that had a good view of my daughter in her cot, before we found this product we had spent hours moving it around and even taping it to various surfaces! Definitely worth getting if you have a similar…

  19. Abby

    Very happy with this! Does exactly what is says. So useful if you don’t have somewhere high to put the baby monitor near the cot.

  20. K

    Really well designed and feels very durable. Excellent customer service when we realised we were missing a (non crucial) part and replacements, plus some extra parts we might find helpful, were sent out right away.

  21. Tami Benn

    This was the only holder I could find that my homie camera can fit on. It has a good size base to fit any camera along with a strong clip. Appears very sturdy.

  22. Carl Pontin

    Does exactly what you need it to. Has a few ways to attach your monitor so comparability isn’t an issue. Feels strong and sturdy, even a toddler would struggle to remove the clamp. What more can I say, a great product all round.

  23. ASLI G

    Great value for money, packed well and safe to use..fast delivery..all round thumbs up!

  24. Stacey

    Amazing product

  25. Pamela Hetherington

    Really good product!

  26. kathryn elliott

    Brilliant product, very sturdy and secure ! Bought it as we were having difficulty positioning the camera in room (it was literally balanced on the edge of the cot – which isn’t a long term solution) bought this after seeing it and thought it was a really good idea! It arrived the next day and it did not disappoint! Really easy to set up everything you need is in the box ! Few different ways to secure the camera ! Very universal!

    The best part of this I think is it allows me to take the camera travelling! As it will attach to the side of a travel cot! So I can take my monitor with me, perfect!

  27. Lisa from Birmingham

    Love this! Exactly what we nweded as no where in our nursery to place our monitor with out drilling holes and wires. This enables us to place our monitor where ever we want and no damage to our furniture. Brilliant item. Highly recommended

  28. Marc Evans

    Very sturdy item and it holds the camera in exactly the correct position 🙂
    Definitely, a must have item….

  29. Lisa Griffiths

    Excellent product. Fantastic idea. Need it to monitor litter of puppies. Arrived in good time and packaged well. Works well to get best viewing angle.

  30. Amazon Customer

    Good idea, and good quality product. We’ve just used it when visiting family over Christmas. It worked really well. Dead easy to put together and easy to transport too. Our camera is a Motorola one and we used the Velcro straps to secure it this time, but there are Velcro sticky pads and a screw option as well. The clip fixed onto a shelf easily and was stable when in use. I bought this because it allows for lots of options to position the camera rather than having to put a permanent fixing into the wall. A worthwhile investment

  31. Monika

    What a fantastic purchase!!! It keeps my camera in perfect position to monitor my baby sleeping, very easy to move around, the clip is very strong and makes sure that the holder doesn’t fall down. I am considering buying another one so I do not need to move it from one room to another. PERFECT 🙂

  32. C Gorman

    This is a great product! It is easy to assemble, easy to install and because of its design it is multi-location abled. We use it in conjunction with our baby monitor and can attach the camera to this Flexi Holder and then attach the Flexi Holder to (I) the Crib; or (ii) a shelf; or (iii) the edge of a table, desk or chair. It is easily manipulated into the right place and adjustable to the perfect angle to keep you eye on your baby when using your baby monitor. It is a must when buying a baby monitor and thankfully robust and easy to use.

  33. Bethan Ballard

    Brilliant. Hated that I was expected to mount my camera on a wall – what about when we go away? This attaches to our crib easily. It’s sturdy. Do have to use all the velcro tabs to make sure it’s secure on the platform.

  34. Margarida

    We just love this item. It is so useful !
    We use it alot at home and when we travel to visit the grandparents.
    We just used it everywhere!

  35. Amazon Customer

    This is a cracking bit of kit! Well worth the money!

  36. P J Smilth

    Very good product. As described and does it works. Would recommend to anyone.

  37. Bethan

    Hated that I was expected to mount my camera on a wall – what about when we go away?
    This attaches to our crib easily. It’s sturdy.
    Do have to use all the velcro tabs to make sure it’s secure on the platform.
    Only downside is in the summer heat the glue on the velcro pads melts so can become unsturdy.

  38. Amazon Customer

    Such a great product! We did not have a handy perfectly placed shelf in the nursery so this was fab! Easy to install, does not damage the crib and it is very secure and surprisingly strong, we can now get the perfect position for the monitor. I would recommend this and I would buy one again if I needed one. Does what it says!

  39. Amazon Customer

    Great item. Dynamic to fit anywhere. Looks good also. Would like to see maybe clips come with it to attach the cord of your camera thus making a neat finish. Recommend this definitely.

  40. Karra

    Such an amazing product!!! Had spent ages trying to work out the best position for our baby monitor, whilst avoiding trailing cables within reach of our little one. We weren’t keen to put up a shelf in our newly decorated nursery, but also wanted to ensure a good view on our video monitor. I came across this product and was initially a bit put off by the price, but having received the item, I am delighted. Does exactly what we wanted, very well made, versatile, easy to use, great view of our baby and no worrying about cables getting grabbed.

  41. Kieran

    So happy with this product, after balancing the monitor on the edge of cot and not having great view of my baby at all! This is the best product so happy with it it’s clipped perfectly on to our windowsill and you can adjust it so no problem with the curtains so happy I come across this

  42. Donna Ash

    The only problem I’ve had is I should have ordered this a long time ago! It’s very sturdy and adaptable. I’m able to take it on holiday with us as it takes up so little space and most importantly, I now get the view of our baby that we needed without stacking up pillows and balancing the monitor in the air.

  43. P Alverez

    Excellent product, 100% as described, also is doing the job for what is was designed for perfectly!!! Highly recommended thank you.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Just what we needed to keep an eye on our little one with our Samsung video monitor. Quick delivery too. Very pleased

  45. Mrs McMillan

    Excellent product. Well worth the money.
    Bought for our baby monitor as we had no high level areas in our room for the camera and didn’t want to screw into the walls. We have even taken it on holiday with us. Definitely a product worth getting. It will also be moving in to the nursery.

  46. Emma

    Does the job! Used it to attach my baby monitor cam to my bedside crib. Great product for the purpose

  47. Simon


  48. Jenny White

    This is exactly as described; a very useful addition to our nursery to hold our Motorola video monitor. Provides a much better view than trying to balance the monitor on the arm of the rocking chair.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Good product as in the description. Probably would do to be a bit more tighter around the corners.

  50. Vanessa

    What a great little product. Exactly what I needed. Our baby’s cot is in a position where we couldn’t get a good image of her when sleeping as there was nowhere to mount the camera. Our Motorola camera fits perfectly and the flexi arm has enabled us to get a great view of the baby – which means stress-free evenings for me! The product arrived quickly and was simple to set up. Well done to the inventors of this great little life-saver.

  51. Monika Mogiłko

    It’s perfect for my baby’s monitor – great quality, well attaches to all surfaces, holds the camera well so I’m not afraid to have it close to my baby. Comes with good manual too. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a baby’s monitor holder

  52. Minesh Patel

    The picture quality on our monitor was bad because we kept getting glare off the cupboard we had to place the camera on. This product enables us to position our camera perfectly to get 100% view inside of our baby’s cot. Now visiting friends, family and going on holiday is no problem as the holder attaches perfectly to the cot. No more cupboard glare!

  53. Ian Bo Beaumont

    An extremely useful item for anyone with a new addition to the family. Our baby monitor sits nice and securely and the clamp allows it to be mounted almost anywhere….ideal when staying at friends/parents houses. The unit itself is extremely sturdy with a tight clamp grip.
    I would highly recommend.

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